Atlanta, Georgia


Atlanta, Georgia

Los Compadres DSD

Los Compadres DSD is a distribution company that wholesales and distributes a variety of products such as Mexican food, snacks, sweets, low-cost kids’ toys, and hand sanitizers to local shops and chain stores.

In addition to product offers, we provide a Direct Store Delivery (DSD) service. A cost-efficient replenishment service in which we deliver products directly to our customers’ retail stores instead of their warehouses. Consequently, helping our customers reduce operating costs (including zero warehouse maintenance costs), reduce labor costs, save time, and have greater control over inventory.

Our strong relationship with suppliers, communication with customers, short response times, and staff who understand the importance of customer satisfaction and efficiency enable us to maintain the highest service quality.



Los Compadres DSD

Our Focus

Customer satisfaction through efficiency and service quality.

Our Purpose

We are committed to bringing success to our customers by delivering premium direct store delivery solutions.

Our Vision

To be the first distribution and DSD choice to our employees, customers, and vendors in the local and regional landscape through excellence in execution and continual improvement of our customer service, processes, and portfolio.

Core Values

  • Accountability: ownership for our decisions and actions
  • Teamwork: we are stronger when we collaborate and work together.
  • Customer Focus: customers are our priority.
  • Get it done: we gain trust by finding solutions and delivering results.
  • Long-Term View: we plan to deliver future value.

Our Products

Mexican Food Snacks and Sweets

We have 120 different Mexican food snacks and sweets to offer. These products include various Mexican snacks and sweets. We also offer non-Mexican sweets as well such as Kinder chocolates.

Low-cost Kids' Toys

We offer low-cost kids’ toys to various retailers in addition to food. We have different types of toys for younger children for boys and girls.

Hand Sanitizers and Antibacterial Wipes

Due to Coronavirus, demand for products such as hand sanitizers and antibacterial wipes has drastically increased. We offer hand sanitizers in 38.8 fl oz and 125 fl oz bottles.

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Contact us

+1 4702996291

3077 McCall Dr Ste 16 - 30340

Doraville, Georgia - United States


Monday - Friday : 11am - 7pm

Saturday : 10am - 7pm

Sunday : 10am - 5pm

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